Working On My Green Thumb


Getting ready to plant

As spring is here and I am ever eager to have some fresh basil to devour with my mozzarella, I have planted my window garden. I am determined to not let my lack of yard space keep me from enjoying delicious herbs and fresh tomatoes. While my parents visited I dragged my mother and father to Home Depot to pick up some planting supplies along with several plants and seeds.

My mother and I then proceeded to complete the quick task of planting my window garden. I had done a few plants last year, and my landlord generously loaned me several of her unused window boxes to plant in. I was determined to plant even more this year. I am a huge fan of patio sized tomato plants (the one I had last year was highly successful) so i purchased another one this year along with a patio sized cherry tomato plant.


not too shabby eh?

I also had success last year with jalapeno and banana pepper plants so those were repeated this year also. I also kept my rosemary plant over winter so that stayed. New this year was oregano, mint, cilantro, dill, and of course basil!


Seriously this thing is outa control!

My mom doesn’t seem to have faith that my plants will get enough sun due to location or enough water due to my neglectful nature! But so far so good, my mint is going crazy and my cherry tomato plant is slowly becoming a tower!

Can’t wait to start harvesting tomatoes and basil to eat with my cheese.

Happy Planting!


So far so good…MOM!