The Perfect PBJ

I don’t really eat a lot of PB&J sandwiches but when I do they have to be made in a very specific way.  Usually when I crave a PB&J I  am really homesick or missing a simpler childlike life. So here is the way to achieve that sandwich that will take you back to school days and a simpler life.

You must use white bread for this, no fancy whole grains or sourdough, just plain cheap white bread. Whatever peanut butter (I prefer creamy), and jelly (I was never a fan of grape) you like.

The secret to the prefect sandwich is to place the sandwich in a cheap plastic sandwich bag and then place it in a sunny spot for a while (I find the dash of the car works well for this)

warming my PBJ

warming my PBJ

After it reaches a certain stage of warmth squish said sandwich in whatever way you find most convenient, I tend to stuff it in my tote filled with stuff and then let fate do the rest; a simple squashing with your hands will do in a pinch.

At last you have a simple sandwich that will whisk you away from your worries and back to running relay races or kickball games.


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