Aside: That bloody orange marmalade

This past Tuesday I decided to try making a marmalade. Now I come from long proud line of preservers and am no stranger to pickling, preserving or jams and jellies. I spent many summers canning beans, beets, tomato sauces, and many other vegetables that our two giant family garden plots produced. Of course I never enjoyed or appreciated it then; I do now.

I think the last jam that I made was a rhubarb jam (who needs strawberries!) back in the 90’s…yes it’s been a while. A marmalade however was new territory; I chose some organic blood oranges for my first attempt of this new frontier.

I was using a recipe from “The Art of Preserving” that the T-man had gotten for my last birthday.

After slicing my oranges and a few lemons, I boiled the mixture with some sugar according to the directions, then filled and processed my jars.

orange slices and juice at the ready

orange slices and juice at the ready

-Side note: if you don’t own a mandoline, I seriously suggest purchasing one, the nice ones can be a bit pricey but are well worth the investment.

After the marmalade was processed it looked really runny to me, but I was hoping it was maybe just still warm and would set while it cooled. much to my dismay, the marmalade was still runny when I left for work the next morning. So after work I went and picked up some pectin, came home and emptied all the jars back into the pot, added the pectin, re-boiled the mixture then poured it back into the re-sanitized jars and re-processed them. The mixture still looked runny after the jars had cooled so I Googled the problem, and discovered that marmalade can take days, or weeks to set.

not set yet

not set yet

So now I’m waiting, hoping to one day, wake up to some delicious blood orange marmalade for my toast!


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