First Page Anxiety

A few months ago my cousin posted a blog entitled “the first page” describing how excited she gets over the first blank page of a notebook. When I read this post I had to laugh because I am the complete opposite, I hate that first blank page. In fact I usually skip to the 2nd or 3rd page just to calm my anxiety.  That first page is just so darn intimidating to me; it seems to demand what my intentions are! I have no idea, what I am going to do with this notebook; I may write a recipe idea today, a Christmas list tomorrow and a shopping list two weeks from now. I may start a food diary (that will only last two days) and then go back to recipe ideas.

This is how I am feeling about this first blog post. I have no idea what my intentions are.

Which is why I am skipping to the next page with no further explanation…

…anxiety relieved 🙂


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